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Access the Power of Smart URL's with sURLio!

Build powerful, reliable, secure and safe links to empower your business and marketing efforts. Enhance your customer experience while building your brand with Smart URL's today!

sURLio is not just another link shortener...

Yes, we can do that to but we do so much more. With sURLio you can create smart urls which transform a simple link into a powerful multifaceted tool for your business.

We do stuff like Geo Targeting where you can create one link and sURLio will send your visitors to sites you specify based on their origin and Device Targeting where you can direct visitors based on the device they are using.

You can generate QR codes for your links, add your own domain name, password protect your links, and so much more.

Geo Targeting

Create one link and direct your visitors to different sites, pages, etc. depending on their country of origin.

Device Targeting

Target visitors and send them to custom pages or sites depending on the device they are using.

Pixel Tracking

Choose from known tracking pixels and gather data on your visitors to see how they use your link.

Custom Domains

Add your domain name so your links will be branded with your company's name or trusted url.

Link Overlays

Create overlays to your links to add custom messages, coupon codes, etc. to your destination site.

Password Protect

Lock down your links so only a visitor with the correct password can access your destination.

Link Performance

Monitor each link to see how it is performing on the link stats page and even share this page with clients

Expire Links

Set an expiration date on your links. Useful for membership downloads and other timed activities

Utilize Location Targeting and direct users to custom pages depending on their country!

One link with multiple locations will direct your visitors depending on their location!

Location targeting works great for displaying your site in other languages, Affiliate links, Targeted selling, List Building, etc.

You create one link and we do the rest. You no longer have to create multiple links for different locations. That's annoying and complicated. Just enable Location Targeting and forget about it!

You Can Target Your Visitors By The Devices They Use with only ONE link!

Target and redirect your visitors to special sites designed for their device with only ONE link!

This amazing and powerful feature detects their device and directs the user to a targeted sites that you specify depending on their device.

This is super helpful for marketing, selling different versions of software, building custom lists, data collection, etc. The possibilities are endless.

More Great Features

We are not done yet! Here are even more great features of Surlio!

Integration with Zapier

Easily integrate with on of the worlds leading platforms. We provide all the tools and make it super simple!

Shareable Links Statistics

Make your link stats public and you can share the stats with your clients in a custom webpage for your link

Developer API Access

You can even get access to our API and integrate Surlio into your app or website seamlessly.

QR Codes

We automatically generate QR codes with your links. These can be used everywhere including in print and marketing materials

Browser Button

This feature can be added to your browser for easy and quick links with the click of a button

Shorten Links

Create shorter links with ease for a better look and customer experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Surlio for affiliate links?

Absolutely! Just check with your affiliate program terms to make sure masking their url is not against their terms of service.

Can I add my own domain name?

Yes! This is one of the many great features of our service. You can link subdomains like "link.domain.com or root domains to our service to customize your links.

Can I password protect downloads?

Yes! You can link to a file or webpage and require the user enter a password before going there. This is great for members only pages and downloads.

What are Smart URL's?

Our Smart URLS will determine the device and location of the person who clicks so you can use one link and target or redirect them to a page based on their device or location.

Does Surlio integrate with other services?

Yes! We integrate with Zapier, Slack, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, with more integrations coming soon.

Does Surlio work with popup blockers?

Yes, your link will be displayed by almost all browsers with the only exception being link overlays which some really aggressive popup blockers might prevent from being displayed. This is because it's creating a pop over type of page with the link. Regular links should not be affected by popup blockers.


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